Tuesday, 18 May 2010

I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike

I participated in a craft fairy exchange on one of the forums that I'm on and one of our gifts were these lovely crayons. I love them as the shape makes for interesting textures and patterns and because it takes some of the stress out of picking a colour. I also love the recycling element to it. We'll get around to doing some ourselves at some point to repurpose all the broken crayons that we have.

What to do with a snotty grotty boy when you've had no sleep and are on your own all day? Get out of the house as much as possible is the answer.

We took the new bike to the big park which has 3 big fields. I presumed he'd just cycle a bit and then want to go home again but he was off and there was no stopping him.

One way to raise parental anxiety levels is to have a small boy cycle along the towpath!

The path was much easier on my nerves.

He loved the white lines on the cycle path. He got quite fast on the smooth surface.

But the mown paths through the fields were where he spent most of the time as he had a bit more control.

Just as we got into the second field he declared he wanted to go to the slings at the far end of the 3rd field. I had visions of having to carry him, his bike and Isabel back to the car!

He wanted to keep his helmet on (but then wanted it off when he got back on the bike on the way back). And off he went.

Even sleep deprived I have to say it was a lovely morning.

And Isabel slept through most of it until we were in the second field on the way home when she demanded some milk. The boy was very patient and came and sat under a tree with us and then took a photo.

The girl is growing. We skipped the 0-3 month sleepsuits and have gone straight into 3-6 month ones.


  1. i now have thart song stuck in my head!!

    love the sleep suits!

  2. My daughter has just got a balance bike and is in love too, amazing to see their confidence and expertise grow so quickly.