Thursday, 20 May 2010

Beach again

The weather's been better again today so after the boys got back from a train ride into Swansea we all hit the beach.

After reading Kat's blog I thought I thought I should put some more effort into being in the photos with the children as well as taking photos of them. I haven't got around to that yet but I did take this - it's a pretty accurate of what it's like to be feeding two children day and night.

The beach here is more your wellies and waterproofs kind of a place than bikinis and sun loungers but the advantage of that is that there aren't many people on it.

The boy does love a good puddle.

And tunnel.

And erm.... cage.

Daddy got to snuggle Isabel on his chest today while I had Isaac on and off my back.

And just because she's gorgeous.


  1. I cant believe how big and gorgeous your girly is getting! Wales looks beautiful too. We had a cottage booked in aouth wales this week too - 5 mins from the beach, we were hoping for lots of sling walks and sandy paddles in the sea but had to cancel with all thats going on....
    Hope you are having a special time.
    Love Nim x

  2. Thanks Kat

    and Nim I'm sorry you're missing your holiday hon. Hope you, Tim and your two girls will get a lovely break later in the year xx