Wednesday, 19 May 2010

A real giraffe

The weather was terrible today so went to the farm. Folly Farm to be precise. The idea was to do lots of indoor thing but the lure of giraffes made us brave the outside.

Isaac declared that this was 'a real giraffe' and told passing strangers the same.

As we approached the camels he declared that 'that a frontrian and that a bactrian' (he's known the difference between a bactrian and a dromedary for a while).
(And not that's not an attempt at an arty shot it's just how misty it was!)

I'm not sure what he enjoyed most but the ride on the train in the funfair bit was definitely a highlight. He watched everything the operator did and rang the bell on his ride round and then closed the door behind him when he got out using both bolts.

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