Wednesday, 5 May 2010

A rite of passage

The boy got his first two wheeled bike today!

We've been talking about it since his second birthday but for one reason or another hadn't got round to buying it but now is the perfect time with summer coming and my mum's house is on a quiet and flat cul-de-sac (unlike our steep and busy road) so a great place to get the hang of it.

The bike is a Rothan balance bike from Islabike and the helmet was also from there.

That's my shiny new bike - he told everyone we saw.

I told him to go in a straight line - so he found a line and followed it.

We had to practice leaning the bike against the wall as well as riding it.

Look no hands.

The shape of things to come - taking his bike to the park and leaning it against the swings.

The helmet has been as big a hit as the bike and has hardly been off. (He wanted to wear it in the bath too.)

And another benefit of being at Danna's is that you can go round and round the house.

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